SGNM/SSMN-Webinar: Lymph node imaging: Who cares about lymph node? (within SCR'21)



Moderators: Dr. Cristian Antonescu, Fribourg/CH, second moderator TBA

From basics to state-of-the-art in ultrasound of lymph nodes

Speaker: Prof. Dr. med. Jean-Yves Meuwly, Lausanne/CH
Learning objectives:
– To learn about the essentials (anatomy/pathophysiology) of lymph node using sonography
– To learn about US based morphological and functional characterization of LN pathologies

Nod-rads: A new proposal for standardized reporting

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Minerva Becker, Geneva/CH
Learning objectives:
– To understand the concept of Nod-rads as an adjunct to structured reporting
– To learn how to use it in daily routine

An update on nuclear medicine imaging of the lymphatic system

Speaker: PD Dr. Irene Burger, Baden/CH
Learning objectives:
– To learn about the advantages of using PET-CT/SPECT to characterize lymph nodes
– To learn when PET-CT/SPECT is not of added value for lymph node imaging